Might as well be sold "AS IS"

Posted on May 11, 2021

This is the worst home builder ever. I highly recommend anyone who's buying with them to go around and ask those who did prior on pros and cons. I had my home built with them in 2013. September 2013 moved in. In November 2013 the ceiling in the laundry room came crashing down and water spilled everywhere. Got that fixed. They claim the leak came from the master bathroom sink. A year later, mildew was growing all over the garage ceiling. Called in a plumber to rip out the ceiling. The problem? A leak from the guest bathroom sink. 6 months later, mold found growing all over base boards in master bedroom. Called plumber again. Problem this time? Shower. Thought I got that fixed. In 2018 mold was found growing in living room ceiling. Called in the plumber again. Entire tile shower in 2nd floor master bath needs to be replaced. Cost $6,000-$8,000 dollars. That’s just plumbing issues. Not even going into the flooring and outside areas. These were issues I’ve been working on with them since I moved in. However, 8 months after building the home I got orders to another state so I had to rent out the home. It was hard to get Hughston on the phone or anyone to come out. Eventually I had to do everything out of pocket. Home has cost me so much as insurance refuses to cover. These people are bad for business. Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Homes might as well come with a sign that reads "Sold As Is".