Stay away from this builder!

Posted on May 11, 2021

I don’t even know where to begin with our experience. I’m not one to usually do google reviews but felt like it was needed in our case to warn future homebuyers to stay away from this builder! We have been in our house for over two years now and are still fighting to get them to even complete our 90 day punch list items. We have been through AT LEAST 4-5 superintendents. One of which we never met because he wasn’t even with the company long enough. Things they have gotten around to addressing, have had to be redone several times due to shoddy workmanship. Other things get damaged in the process that they don’t want to fix OR they put you off long enough that your warranty expires AND THEN try to tell you the issues are no longer covered under warranty.

Siding was installed over our dryer vent for almost 2 years. Had it not been for Fred, the previous superintendent, it would STILL be covered up causing a potential fire hazard. We replaced our dryer not even knowing this was the cause of the dryer malfunction.

Our master bedroom didn’t have insulation installed in the ceiling. We paid outrageously high heating bills AND had to buy heating blankets to make it through almost a year and a half of being in our home without even realizing lack of insulation was the cause.

Our drywall in our ceilings started to come apart from the seams.

We had cracks in our garage floor from standing water at the side of our house from improper grading which they are now refusing to address.

Our mortar on the brick in the front of our home has started to crack. Their idea of “repairing” this is to put caulk in the cracks or grout that doesn’t even match the original color of the mortar. We now have grout smeared all over our shutters from where the guy came over to address the issues and decided to wipe all the excess on to our brown shutters.

Downstairs wood flooring had to be replaced due to what the flooring guy told us was due to water damage which no one wanted to admit to.

Downstairs half bath had nails shot in to the pipes in the sink causing a leak which went on for over a year until I finally noticed staining on the baseboard.

Concrete floors are unlevel causing issues with flooring and tiles have recently started cracking AGAIN.

Our master bathroom shower floor had to be redone 3 times due to tile cracking.

The list goes on and on. Most of the repairs we have had done, were done when Fred was with the company. Needless to say he is no longer with them but was the ONLY one by far who wanted to get warranty items taken care of.

Numerous hours missed from work due to trying to get issues resolved and we still don’t have our 90 day punchlist completed over 2 years after closing.

Anyway, long and lengthy review but I have told everyone I know who is looking for a home to please, please, please, read the reviews of the home builder you are choosing to use before making a decision so I hope this review keeps someone else from making the same mistake we did! AND ALSO, you have to BUY window screens...what new home doesn’t come with window screens?!?!?!