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Posted on May 11, 2021

Well 5 years after buying a Hughston Home, we ALMOST HAVE A NEW HOUSE! We have had to replace the entire HVAC system (which was only large enough for 1400 sf by the way so that would have been fine for HALF of our house), replace all of the duct work, our dishwasher caught on fire so we have replaced all of the cheap appliances that they probably bought off a truck in Mexico, we have replaced all of the crappy flooring, repainted the entire home and fixed all of the nail pops and crappy Sheetrock installation, replaced broken light fixtures, last night we had to replace the hot water heater that died and tomorrow it looks like we will be replacing our garage door that just fell off tonight. Oh and my favorite... sometimes when the Guest Bathroom sink drained upstairs, water dripped down the wires and light fixture into our Breakfast Area downstairs. But hey, we have learned the true value and meaning of home ownership. Explore all of your options.