Structural concerns

Posted on May 11, 2021

The home is junk. All of their subs are paid to tell you that everything you have is top-quality and they can't replace it. The builder only uses the cheapest labor available. He doesn't listen to his superintendent about anything. It's his way or way. We wanted our walls painted with a paint that is washable, nope. So, we have the fingerprints of a four year old all over everything, and they don't wash off. If you try to use anything other than water, you'll scrub the paint off the walls. Our neighbor tried painting over their children's fingerprints with the extra paint left, and the fingerprints literally bled through the paint. All of our outlets are crooked, and all of the outside glass fixtures are covered in paint spray because they were put up before the house was painted. To top it all off, none of landscaping has survived. The trees were put in with the burlap sack over the root ball. Our yard is nothing but foundational granite. Digging a hole or placing anything in the ground is impossible. Structurally, I expect the house to fall apart in less than two years. I base this on the exposed lumber in the attic. I'll never recommend these homes to anyone, anywhere. Ever.