The most stressful situation we have ever been through!

Posted on May 11, 2021

Our experience with Hughston Homes was the most STRESSFUL situation we've ever been through!! I've never dealt with a builder and agent that flat out lie so much! First off, we were told our land was zoned as A1 because it's in a very rural area. The builder (Adam) and the agent (Richie Eubanks) BOTH assured us the land was zoned A1. We made several comments about how happy we were to get the zoning we desired and neither of them EVER bothered to come clean!! We found out it was zoned R1 a WEEK before we were scheduled to close!!! At this point, we were in a position where we couldn't walk away and start the home searching/building process over (for personal reasons). I called the Hughston office and got a call back about 3 weeks later from Jack Hughston, who tells me that his people aren't liars and blah, blah, blah! So I suppose I was the one lying?! Why would we put a contract on a home and have it built, KNOWING we needed A1 zoning...if we had know it was in fact R1 zoning???? (See, we found land that Hughston Homes had not yet began to build on and we're able to choose our floor plan.)

When we finally got to closing...they didn't even give us the right keys to our home!!!! We closed on Wednesday and had to go through hell and high water just to get the right set of keys!! Can you imagine, building a home and being so excited to walk into YOUR house...and you're LOCKED OUT?!? They gave us the run around for almost THREE days about getting the correct keys!!!! Finally I called them and threatened to call all the local news stations and file a complaint with the BBB, Columbus Board of Realtors and any other realty organization I could find! Someone was there within 20 minutes after that.

We're approaching our 30 day inspection and well....we'll see how that goes. There seems to be a lot little issues that need to be resolved. The fridge made very weird noises and the hvac unit in the attic is LOUD. Like, it sounds like we're in an airport hearing a plan on the runway! Could be a preface to a bigger issue! Moral of the story, stay away from Hughston Homes!!!!! They're liars and unprofessional and care nothing about the needs of the client!!!!