Nice floorplan but construction was extremely stressful

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

The good

  • The floorplan is very nice

The bad

  • Communication issues plagued the entire project
  • Quality is questionable (built to last one year)
  • Several things we requested were not built into the house
  • No choice but to use flat paint which leaves marks extremely easily

Construction issues


Watching the house under construction was one of the most frustrating experiences we've had. Hughston's motto should be "we do everything twice."

  • They painted the entire interior the wrong color
  • Installed a gas water heater without a gas line, then replaced it with an electric unit
  • Stained the stairs the wrong color
  • Bricked the entire front of the house, despite stone being specified (they tore it off and replaced it)
  • They didn't frame in a front door at first
  • Installed an electric HVAC unit only to replace a gas unit later, as specified in the contract
  • Deck railing was installed crooked, only to be completely removed and reinstalled

Communication issues

In our first meeting with Hughston's listing agent, it was very clear their real estate agent would promise us anything we asked for in order to make the sale. We were very optimistic and excited at first but later on we would realize that these were all false promises. Hughston's listing agent could never give us a straight answer when we asked about any specifics of the house. During construction our motto was that everything would be a surprise since we had absolutely no idea what we were going to end up with. Once construction finally wrapped up, we compared our notes from the original meeting to what we got and they were quite different. We wish we had seen the advice on this site to get everything in the contract, because now there are several things we must pay out of our own pocket to add to the house.

Water issues


For whatever reason, it took a full 5 months to get the house completely dried in. Every time it rained the entire house would be flooded with water thanks to holes in the roof, windows that weren't installed for months, or completely unshingled sections of roof. The house was finally fully dried in a week before the drywall went in. Or so we thought. Just a day before closing, a large section of drywall had to be replaced after an undiscovered leak poured water into the master bedroom.